that Je Ne Sais Quoi

Y'all. Summer is here and it is H.O.T.  down in New Orleans. ACs are blasting and the lines to order a snoball wrap around the block. And let me tell you, this particular afternoon was scorching. Luckily I spent it at the beautiful Race & Religious for an on location boudoir shoot with my client Alicia.

When we first met I asked Alicia what it was that drew her to R&R. She said she has a love of texture and all things glamorous and all I could think was "DING DING DING. We have a match!" Instantly I could see all of the gorgeous images we would make and damn did we have fun doing it. She brought along a ton of props including these beautiful bright pink hydrangeas that I just love, and after a glass of champagne she was really having fun dancing around and going through the poses with me. Alicia is a bride to be and has been putting a lot of work in at the gym.  What better way to celebrate herself and she got to make a little black book for her soon-to-be-hubby too ;)

All in all we photographed eleven different looks in three hours... here are a few of my favorites

Xo, Brei