The Passion That Ignites

Abigail and I met at a local photographer's meet up and shoot out. I had recently started second shooting for Sweet Lovely where I met my now friend & colleague Lee, who invited me.
It was a night of delicious food, laughter.... and plenty of cocktails :-) ha anyway I also met Abigail that night. Lee asked her to be our subject and she said yes. I don't think she realized what was about to happen...that 15 photographers would be photographing her at the same time. Surprise! Ha ha well I'm happy to say she lived. She even enjoyed it she said. I thought that was mighty courageous and I knew I'd like this girl.
Since then we have become personal friends. She's quirky, determined, and passionate. She sees life vividly. She's into theatre and is also a member of TULA, a Ladies A Cappella group at Tulane University (who performed Destiny's Child's Bills, Bills, Bills in front of an audience -- badass!), she's volunteered in Emergency Rooms, was philanthropy chair of her sorority, she's a Tulane Peace Corps Ambassador, a research assistant at the LA cancer research center, and currently she is raising money to go on a month long trip based on service with Tulane's Compassion in Action Campaign... long story short she's totally awesome and I admire her because she knows that her fervent passion can do good...then she goes out and she does good things. She combines passion and action to live out her mission and I think that is just magical.

Xo, Brei